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What are slot machines?

Slot machines are a fever in the universe of casinos. But if you are starting to venture into this environment, you need to consider that every casino has a different player profile. You also need to know what slot machines are, of course!

First of all, as time went by, the games incorporated a wide list of aspects. And, one of them consists of the most commonly used expressions, as well as words and terms of their own.

Such terms are used among the players themselves as well as at the gaming table itself. Therefore, knowing a little about this subject can be a great differential for the game strategy, you know?

After all, starting to venture into this game and coming across an unfamiliar term can result in bad choices.

But, calm down! It is not that difficult to understand the main expressions and terms commonly used in casinos! This is so true that this content will help you to immerse yourself in the gambler’s dictionary.

There is no denying that slot machines are a big attraction in casinos.

But, it is important to note that even though it is a very popular game, it is full of relevant terms. And many of them may surprise beginners.

So, we have prepared a basic guide to help you understand every expression used in this game!

Slot Machines

What are slot machines terms you need to know!

Check below the main terms:

  • Bet: nothing more than the amount deposited to play
  • Action: is the action referring to the total amount of money wagered by a player in a given time
  • Bonus Features: These are the bonus features
  • One-armed bandit: this is a more traditional type of slot machine. It features a lever to drive the reels of images, for example.
  • Jackpot Slot: It tends to offer a bigger prize. It usually occurs separately from other features. It can also be reached through a different bet line.
  • Carousel: These are slots that are the same but can usually be in a different position in land-based casinos.
  • Credit Button: a button that the player must press to get his prize in the form of credit.
  • Apartment Top: Slot with a fixed payout amount
  • Fill: The coin bag used to fill the funnel
  • Five Reel: slots with five reels, allowing for more paylines
  • Free Spins: refers to the famous free spins
  • Fruit Machine: the famous machine with fruit figures, which is a British modality.

Check out more important terms to increase your knowledge of what slot machines are:

  • Hold: consists of the percentage of money. It can also be called the house edge.
  • Hit: also refers to the winning spin
  • Hit Frequency: is the frequency of hits provided to the player by the machine
  • Hit and Run: terms referring to hit and run! These are players who bet on a single line of credit for a smaller number of spins
  • Jackpot: the cumulative jackpot
  • Payline: The alignment of symbols and a payline, which can be straight or diagonal
  • Load Up: The largest amount of coins in a slot
  • Loose Slot: slots that pay a higher amount and provide a lower house edge.
  • Multi-line: Bets placed on multiple pay lines. This increases the chances of winning.
  • Near Miss: is a term commonly used for those who ‘almost’ win the game but end up losing at the last second.
  • Pokies: very common slang in Australia to refer to slot machines.
  • Scatters: is the winning payout without a payline.
  • Video Slots: These are slot machine games that do not show reels. However, they show everything on a screen.
  • Wilds: can be considered a kind of wild. It consists of a symbol that aims to complete a combination that is a winner.


Many other terms can be used in the universe of slot games, but these are considered the most recurrent and important!

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