How to play Blackjack?

And what are the secrets of this wonderful game! Do you know this game? Feel like having some fun? Then you are in the right place! Casino games are attracting more and more people, so many of them are getting involved in exciting games, either as a hobby, to make money or even to enjoy their quarantine time at home!

One of the games that are winning people over the most is Blackjack, which is a very exciting and easy-to-learn card game.Let’s start at the beginning. If you’re looking to learn how to play Blackjack, one of the first things to learn is the game’s rules. Generally speaking, the rules of the game are quite simple and can be learned quickly. But it’s worth noting that there are several types of Blackjack games, with some slight differences in table rules, but always within the general Blackjack rules.

Step-by-step: how to play

The round begins with the players at the table placing a bet. There are betting limits, minimum and maximum, and these limits will be clearly displayed at the table. You can then make your bet size decision by clicking on the row representing your bet amount.

After making this choice and placing your bets, the dealer deals two cards – presented face up – in front of each position. Or one card – also presented face up – and one card closed in your position. This will depend on the game format being played.

The hand considered to be the best is “Blackjack” itself, containing an Ace and any tens, which can be kings, jacks or queens. Because this hand is unbeatable, it is a tie if the dealer’s hand is also Blackjack. Remember that Blackjack pays out more than other winning hands, and you can receive 3:2 – 3 for 2 – on your bet, according to the variant of the game played.

Check card values in Blackjack

Besides knowing the rules, which is essential, be aware of card values and payouts. This information is essential if you want to learn how to play Blackjack. Generally, a winning hand in the game usually pays 1-to-1 (1:1), also called “even money.

So, if your bet is 10 chips, you usually get the 10 chips and your initial bet back. If you get a Blackjack, playing a game model that pays 3-to-2 (3:2), you get 15 chips plus your initial bet back.

In the event of a tie between your hand and the dealer’s hand, you receive your initial bet amount as normal, but nothing else. If you lose a hand, you lose your bet, which is then paid by the house. It is always worth noting that any exceptions to the above rules will be highlighted on the game and Blackjack rules page.

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Game Options

You must know the basic game options. Among them are:

  • Take: in which you can ask for additional cards;
  • Stand: you can choose to stand rather than risk the next card adding up to and exceeding 21

Blackjack: Split, Double Down, or Fold

  • Split: This is when you turn one hand into two, potentially increasing your chances of winning. This option is available when you receive two starting cards of the same value, and on a few other occasions;
  • Double: In this case, you can double your initial bet in some circumstances;
  • Fold: with this option, you can abandon your hand and take back 50% of your initial bet

These are the main options and actions of the game. However, it’s always worth noting that you can still take other options of action depending on the variant played!

The Payouts from Blackjack games

Certainly, Blackjack payouts usually occur after the dealer concludes the hand. But, in fact, the rules by which the dealer plays are usually strict and different among game variants. Thus, it is essential to read the variant’s rules, checking for any specific differences that may influence the game and its outcome.

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